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Facilitating archival research on the study of the turbulent 1940s, Ψηφιακή συζήτηση, 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020

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Spiliotopoulou, M. “Digital history portals: a tool for modern Greek history” (περισσότερα)

The paper presents the contribution of the Academy of Athens in planning and coordinationg the interdisciplinary venture of the development of the metadata repository of the 1940s in the context of the Apollonis infrastructure, a repository that is to be a digital tool for modern Greek history study and will be used both by academics and the wider public.

The present content of the repository is also briefly presented, mainly the contribution of the History Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff, which constitute the main bulk of the metadata, together with that of the Contemporary Social History Archives, as also the database Calendar of Events 1940-1944 of the Academy of Athens.