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Bibliography of Greek Printed Vocabularies and Thesauri for the Humanities

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The present bibliography was compiled in the context of the project DARIAH-GR Developing a Greek Research Infrastructure for the Humanities – DYAS, by the research team DARIAH-GR of the Academy of Athens.

It includes Dictionaries, Glossaries, Thesauri, Vocabularies published in Greek , since the first printed publications, covering the field of Humanities in the broad sense: Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistics, Theatre, Theology, History, Fine Arts, Sociology and Social Sciences, Musicology, Law, Pedagogy, Literature, Philosophy. It does not include spelling and common language explanatory dictionaries, general encyclopedias and current terminology dictionaries of applied sciences. The main sources were the National Library of Greece, the Library of the Hellenic Parliament, the Libraries of all Greek Universities and Research Institutes, the website ofbiblionet-EKEBI as well as the websites of major Greek publishers and bookstores. Each record contains selected bibliographic information, indicative thematic tags, and the name of the library it was detected.

The bibliography is constantly enriched by ongoing research and current publishing production. The aim is to provide a useful tool for researchers in Humanities and for anyone interested.