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The DYAS Network

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The Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities:

  • Supports the Greek Humanities research community and contributes to the development of ICT enabled research.
  • Broadens the scope and opportunities for research through the interconnection of various distributed digital resources.
  • Promotes the access, use, creation and long-term preservation of research data, both primary and secondary, in digital form.
  • Supports the exchange of knowledge, methods and working practices amongst scholarly communities.

DYAS activities are aligned with those of the European Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities DARIAH (, in which Greece participates through DYAS.

How DYAS works: a dynamic and evolving network

The objective of DYAS members is to create, preserve and share digital services and resources, to benefit from a common pool of assets and expertise and to promote the practices of sharing open data and services. The network is designed as a distributed infrastructure with members at distinct levels of involvement according to their role and responsibilities in the operation of DYAS.