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Creating a Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities

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On September 8, 2010 DYAS, the Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities held its kick-off meeting in order to present its project “Creating a Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities.”

The meeting was held in the East Hall of the Academy of Athens. Its object was to analyze the objectives of the project and the activities of the Network, to introduce the European project DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities), which is directly related to DYAS and to present another relevant European project CLARIN, a language technology infrastructure.

After a greeting by the Vice-President of the Academy of Athens Professor Mr. Apostolos Georgiadis, Dr. Sissy Koliva, who spoke on behalf of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, presented the policy of the General Secretariat with regard to research infrastructure. Next, the project coordinator, Dr. Helen Katsiadakis presented the objectives and the activities of DYAS, and Professor Panos Constantopoulos spoke about the requirements and characteristics of digital research infrastructures for the humanities and especially for the European infrastructure DARIAH. Finally, Dr. Maria Gavriilidou, representative of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, talked about the research infrastructure CLARIN with reference to language technology for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The discussion that followed provided an opportunity for attendees to express their interest in the role of research infrastructures, the aims of DYAS and for the need to support the establishment of a national infrastructure for the humanities. The speakers’ presentations are posted on the website of the network.

The meeting was followed by a workshop on ‘Digital Research in the Humanities: experiences and perspectives’, which was moderated by Costis Dallas. In this workshop, Katerina Gardikas presented the priorities and directions of research infrastructures in the humanities, Metaxia Tsipopoulou spoke about archaeological research and practice in Greece, Marietta Minotou talked about the role of the digital collection of the General State Archives in research, Athena Bazou presented digital sources of interest to classical philology, Maria Kalogeraki showed a digital application that supports her research on the postwar city of Irakleion, Crete and the Prodromos Tsiavos introduced the audience to legal and organizational forms of networks of research centers with special reference to ensuring value flows, rights and data.

The presentations prompted a discussion and exchange views with the audience concerning the usefulness, the guidelines and the priorities of the Network.

The program of the meeting and the workshop (in Greek) are here.
The presentations (in Greek) can be found here.
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