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The National Infrastructure for Digital Research in the Humanities is implemented by a network of academic institutions, universities and research centers, which is established in order to contribute to the development of research in the Humanities using information technologies. The introduction of information management and digital research methods in the Humanities necessitated this initiative which will facilitate the use of methodological and technological standards, best practices, as well as the exchange of expertise and access to cognitive resources.

The Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities DYAS was created in 2009 to elaborate a feasibility study entitled “Creating a Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities”, under the call of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology on “Creating National Research Networks on thematic areas related to the European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, by ESFRI- European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures”.

In this context the DYAS network contributes to the European Infrastructure DARIAH-EU, which aims to connect national infrastructures and incorporate the results of local activities in a common European framework.

The partners


The Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities:

  • Supports the Greek Humanities research community and contributes to the development of ICT enabled research.
  • Broadens the scope and opportunities for research through the interconnection of various distributed digital resources.
  • Promotes the access, use, creation and long-term preservation of research data, both primary and secondary, in digital form.
  • Supports the exchange of knowledge, methods and working practices amongst scholarly communities.

DYAS activities are aligned with those of the European Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities DARIAH (, in which Greece participates through DYAS.

How DYAS works: a dynamic and evolving network

The objective of DYAS members is to create, preserve and share digital services and resources, to benefit from a common pool of assets and expertise and to promote the practices of sharing open data and services. The network is designed as a distributed infrastructure with members at distinct levels of involvement according to their role and responsibilities in the operation of DYAS.

During the preparatory period (2009-2011), the network members have studied the terms of development of the National Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities and its interaction with the corresponding European. In this context, two studies were elaborated: the Feasibility Study and the Study on the development strategy of European Research Infrastructure DARIAH.

The team of the National Infrastructure DARIAH-GR consists of:

Academy of Athens:

katsidaki Helen Katsiadakis

Acting Director of the Modern Greek History Research Centre, National Coordinator for DARIAH-GR

Phone: 2103664603, email:

aggelopoulou Ioanna Aggelopoulou

Research Associate, Copyeditor


adamopoulos Athanasios Adamopoulos

Research Associate, Management support officer